The Sacred Practice of Life

An Online Course
Within a Community of People Dedicated to Their Path of Embodiment

This Course has been postponed to release in early 2017. Thank you so much for your interest and feel free to check out the page below. If you would like to receive updates on this course and other offerings from Divine Humanity, please click here to stay in touch.

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Spiritual practice that creates fundamental and lasting change.

Community that accepts you and shares the journey.

Guidance that is clear, trustable, and empowering.

Empowering and transformative, this program helps you establish, deepen and sustain a daily body-centered meditation practice, access your intuitive knowing and experience profound healing that lasts. All occurring within a sincere, warm and communal learning container that supports you integrating your learning practically and into your everyday life.


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5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Meditation Practice
Healing Trauma & Waking Up with Somatic Meditation

The Sacred Practice of Life Online Course will support you to…


Establish and deepen a daily meditation practice and have confidence in “what to do” within meditation practice that fosters ongoing healing and transformation


Be able to “consult” your body for intuitive wisdom you can use as guidance in your life


Feel safe to be yourself within a group of sensitive and sincere people so you can heal and your gifts can flower


Learn to be present to and understand the meaning of emotions and thoughts, rather than getting lost in them


Experience spiritual practice as nourishing and something you look forward to every day

Course Elements

The 5 Month Sacred Practice of Life Course Begins Wednesday, July 6th.

7 Parts of the journey of The Sacred Practice of Life

12 Modules of Online Content with Discussion Forums.

13 Live Coaching, Teaching and Community Practice Calls

22 Weekly live guided community meditation and Q&A sessions

3-day Meditation Retreat at the end of the course (Optional)

Different Suggested “Tiers of Engagement” based on your lifestyle and a “Minimally Viable Practice” suggestion for those that have a very full life

Monthly Community Day Long Meditation Retreats – Synced up with the Course Content (Optional)
(for locals in the Bay Area AND streaming live online for those out of the area)


1st 10 Sign Ups Get 2 Free 30 min Meditation Coaching Check-Ins During the Course
(Limited to the first 10 sign ups only)
$200 Value

3 Months Free Access to Weekly Morning Community Sitting Practice and Practice Q&A
(Activates the week of January 16th)
$132 Value

Access to Somatic Meditation Private Facebook Group
The Value of Ongoing Community and Support with Your Practice

OF $97

OF $597 (Save $82!)


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Part 1: Preparing the Ground: The Learning Container, Transformational Process, and Preparing the Body

Module 1:
Overview, Transformative Learning Community, Engaging the Course
Live Call on July 6th
Community Day Long (optional)
July 10th from 10a-6:30p PST

Module 2:
Energetic Sovereignty, Grounding
Live Call on July 13th

Module 3:
Foundational Karmic Integrity
Live Call on July 27th

Part 2: The Ground: Opening the Channels of Communication Between the Body and the Conscious Mind

Module 4:
Body-Work Meditation Overview and Practice
Live Call on August 10th
Community Day Long (optional)
Earth, Ancestors and the Posture of Pure Awareness
August 21st from 10a-6:30p PST

Module 5:
Environment, Ancestors & Karma
Live Call on August 24th

Part 3: Re-patterning Impulse: The Sitting Practice of Meditation and Unwinding the Neurotic Ego

Module 6:
Foundations of Sitting Meditation
Live Call on September 7th
Community Day Long (optional)
Accessing and Living From the Body’s Wisdom
September 11th from 10am-6:30p PST

Part 4: Trusting the Body’s Guidance: Cultivating Somatic Intuition and Internalizing Your Authority

Module 7:
Accessing and Living From the Wisdom of the Body
Live Call on September 21st

Part 5: Healing Trauma & Cultivating Compassion: Healing the Relative Self, Resting in Innate Wholeness & Sharing Presence with Others

Module 8: Healing Trauma, Awakening the Heart, and Seeing Reality Clearly
Live Call on October 5th
Community Day Long (optional)
Clarifying the Heart & Releasing Trauma in the Body
October 15th from 10a-6:30p PST

Module 9: Service as Cultivating Space for Others to be as They Are
Live Call on October 19th

Part 6: Space of Pure Awareness: Seeing through the Self & Allowing the Karmic River to Flow

Module 10: Being the Body and Everything All at Once
Live Call on November 2nd Community Day Long (optional)
The Nature of Space & Sacred Living
November 6th from 10a-6:30p PST

Module 11: Dismantling the Conditioned Mind Over Time
Live Call on November 16th

Part 7: Sacred Living: Being No One, Everything & an Emissary of Life

Module 12: How to See and Engage Life as Spirituality
Live Call on November 30th
Community Retreat (optional)
Somatic Meditation Deeper Dive
December 2-4th from Fri at 1p to Sun at 5pm
Integration & Gratitude Final Community Call
Live Call on December 7th

If you feel aligned, we would love to have you come on this journey with us!

A teaching
that lays out
the entire journey, shows
you how to confidently
engage the step you are
currently on, and shows
you how your past still
affects your present

A shared intention
between a group of
people to be honest,
loving, and transparent
with each other

Practices and
an environment that
are conducive to
expanding your worldview
and healing your most
stubborn core

A safe place to
practice relating to
others in an
conscious and
authentic way


about how to be
grounded and have
clear boundaries

A facilitator and
course structure that
is constantly asking
for feedback to offer
what most wants to

Honoring of our
ancestors and the earth
as deeply influential in
our wounding and in our
soul’s gifts

An accountability
and support structure
for developing more
conscious habits
around spiritual
practice and
intentional living

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OF $97

OF $597 (Save $82!)


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Looking forward to walking with you on this journey if you decide to join us! If you don’t feel like its a fit for you at this time but would like to stay connected to more opportunities to deepen your spiritual practice and life, click here.

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