The Sacred Practice of Life

An Online Course
Within a Community of People Dedicated to Their Path of Embodiment

This Course has been postponed to release in early 2017. Thank you so much for your interest and feel free to check out the page below. If you would like to receive updates on this course and other offerings from Divine Humanity, please click here to stay in touch.

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Spiritual practice that creates fundamental and lasting change.

Community that accepts you and shares the journey.

Guidance that is clear, trustable, and empowering.

Empowering and transformative, this program helps you establish, deepen and sustain a daily body-centered meditation practice, access your intuitive knowing and experience profound healing that lasts. All occurring within a sincere, warm and communal learning container that supports you integrating your learning practically and into your everyday life.


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5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Meditation Practice
Healing Trauma & Waking Up with Somatic Meditation

The Sacred Practice of Life Online Course will support you to…


Establish and deepen a daily meditation practice and have confidence in “what to do” within meditation practice that fosters ongoing healing and transformation


Be able to “consult” your body for intuitive wisdom you can use as guidance in your life


Feel safe to be yourself within a group of sensitive and sincere people so you can heal and your gifts can flower


Learn to be present to and understand the meaning of emotions and thoughts, rather than getting lost in them


Experience spiritual practice as nourishing and something you look forward to every day

Course Elements

The 5 Month Sacred Practice of Life Course Begins Wednesday, July 6th.

7 Parts of the journey of The Sacred Practice of Life

12 Modules of Online Content with Discussion Forums.

13 Live Coaching, Teaching and Community Practice Calls

22 Weekly live guided community meditation and Q&A sessions

3-day Meditation Retreat at the end of the course (Optional)

Different Suggested “Tiers of Engagement” based on your lifestyle and a “Minimally Viable Practice” suggestion for those that have a very full life

Monthly Community Day Long Meditation Retreats – Synced up with the Course Content (Optional)
(for locals in the Bay Area AND streaming live online for those out of the area)


1st 10 Sign Ups Get 2 Free 30 min Meditation Coaching Check-Ins During the Course
(Limited to the first 10 sign ups only)
$200 Value

3 Months Free Access to Weekly Morning Community Sitting Practice and Practice Q&A
(Activates the week of January 16th)
$132 Value

Access to Somatic Meditation Private Facebook Group
The Value of Ongoing Community and Support with Your Practice

OF $97

OF $597 (Save $82!)


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Part 1: Preparing the Ground: The Learning Container, Transformational Process, and Preparing the Body

Module 1:
Overview, Transformative Learning Community, Engaging the Course
Live Call on July 6th
Community Day Long (optional)
July 10th from 10a-6:30p PST

Module 2:
Energetic Sovereignty, Grounding
Live Call on July 13th

Module 3:
Foundational Karmic Integrity
Live Call on July 27th

Part 2: The Ground: Opening the Channels of Communication Between the Body and the Conscious Mind

Module 4:
Body-Work Meditation Overview and Practice
Live Call on August 10th
Community Day Long (optional)
Earth, Ancestors and the Posture of Pure Awareness
August 21st from 10a-6:30p PST

Module 5:
Environment, Ancestors & Karma
Live Call on August 24th

Part 3: Re-patterning Impulse: The Sitting Practice of Meditation and Unwinding the Neurotic Ego

Module 6:
Foundations of Sitting Meditation
Live Call on September 7th
Community Day Long (optional)
Accessing and Living From the Body’s Wisdom
September 11th from 10am-6:30p PST

Part 4: Trusting the Body’s Guidance: Cultivating Somatic Intuition and Internalizing Your Authority

Module 7:
Accessing and Living From the Wisdom of the Body
Live Call on September 21st

Part 5: Healing Trauma & Cultivating Compassion: Healing the Relative Self, Resting in Innate Wholeness & Sharing Presence with Others

Module 8: Healing Trauma, Awakening the Heart, and Seeing Reality Clearly
Live Call on October 5th
Community Day Long (optional)
Clarifying the Heart & Releasing Trauma in the Body
October 15th from 10a-6:30p PST

Module 9: Service as Cultivating Space for Others to be as They Are
Live Call on October 19th

Part 6: Space of Pure Awareness: Seeing through the Self & Allowing the Karmic River to Flow

Module 10: Being the Body and Everything All at Once
Live Call on November 2nd Community Day Long (optional)
The Nature of Space & Sacred Living
November 6th from 10a-6:30p PST

Module 11: Dismantling the Conditioned Mind Over Time
Live Call on November 16th

Part 7: Sacred Living: Being No One, Everything & an Emissary of Life

Module 12: How to See and Engage Life as Spirituality
Live Call on November 30th
Community Retreat (optional)
Somatic Meditation Deeper Dive
December 2-4th from Fri at 1p to Sun at 5pm
Integration & Gratitude Final Community Call
Live Call on December 7th

If you feel aligned, we would love to have you come on this journey with us!

A teaching
that lays out
the entire journey, shows
you how to confidently
engage the step you are
currently on, and shows
you how your past still
affects your present

A shared intention
between a group of
people to be honest,
loving, and transparent
with each other

Practices and
an environment that
are conducive to
expanding your worldview
and healing your most
stubborn core

A safe place to
practice relating to
others in an
conscious and
authentic way


about how to be
grounded and have
clear boundaries

A facilitator and
course structure that
is constantly asking
for feedback to offer
what most wants to

Honoring of our
ancestors and the earth
as deeply influential in
our wounding and in our
soul’s gifts

An accountability
and support structure
for developing more
conscious habits
around spiritual
practice and
intentional living

What People Are Saying About Courses with Michael…

“Michael embodies the depths of the earth and the expanse of the divine in a way that catalyzes profound somatic healing in a safe container. He effectively opens the timeless perceptual lens to reveal the latent truth about reality. He is gentle, yet clear and direct in providing feedback to students. His combination of strength and humility is rare; I trust him deeply with my vulnerability.”


“Producing topics and teachings such as Michael does requires not just a thorough knowledge base, but the experiential knowhow to deliver the material with sensitivity and empathy….which can only be described as wisdom of the highest degree…a rare combination at attributes!”

– Jim

“Michael’s foresight, genuine compassion, enthusiasm and expertise made the teachings so personable but yet so inclusive and achievable, it left me wanting more. The teachings, videos, guided meditation, group discussions, and breakout dyad sessions were so valuable and revealing. I discovered through this course, how to find my voice/inner soul and begin to nurture my relationships and face the traumas that need mending. Michael’s teaching gave me the confidence to continue discovering, exploring and moving forward.”

– Irene

“Within the framework of his notably well-designed and comprehensive materials, Michael’s extraordinary quality of presence in the guided practices and live exchanges also created a fertile space for authentic real-time exploration and insight. I especially appreciated the sense of loving acceptance that invited us to become more deeply curious about our unconscious patterns, yet they were simultaneously held with an uncompromising clarity and integrity that called forth our integration and higher development. Among the many outstanding online courses in which I have participated, Michael’s holds a place among the best. His unique and wide-ranging synthesis of multiple streams of practice and inquiry, enriched by the considerable depth of his own experience, creates an offering that feels fresh and compelling.”

– Eric

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your willingness to allow yourself to be exactly where you are, because this is ultimately the core of the teaching. This will be a comprehensive training on meditation and living an embodied spiritual life and we will start from the ground up. While you might not be well versed on all the concepts or practices, I will be teaching in a way that honors the different places where people are at in their journey and you will get support from me and the community along the way. If you feel a bodily “yes” when you read this page about joining the course, I trust that implies you have all you need to get started.
Depends on your definition of “busy.” If you have no time to engage the course content online and no time to practice at least 15 min/day and read an hour or two every two weeks, this course is not a fit for you. If you are busy and are willing to carve out some time to see how this approach to life and spiritual practice enables you to be more effective in your life, there will be a “minimally viable practice” that gives you “permission” to engage a fraction of the content that will still bring great benefit. That being said, the more you engage the course content and practice, the more benefit you will receive.
So much of this will be informed by how I will share the content and how the teaching invites the recognition of the sacredness of all that we are and all that we have experienced. I will also be transparent about my own human struggles that normalizes and brings previously shameful experiences to the surface to be worked through and healed. I will also be giving guidance on how to give feedback during live relational practice and on the online forums that will create a supportive and safe environment. Lastly, I will continually be asking for feedback about the course content, structure and processes throughout the course so you will have opportunities to share what you feel would make it safer and more supportive.
from several interconnected streams. A large chunk of these teachings come from the teachings of Reggie Ray from the dharma ocean lineage of Vajrayana Buddhism. I integrate teachings from Thomas Hübl around transparent communication, Francesca McCartney around intuition medicine, various teachers of earth-based shamanism particularly the teachings of the Dagara tribe of Africa, and most importantly from my lived experience of these teachings over countless iterations and refinements of the teaching that I now call Divine Humanity. My academic training is in clinical psychology and integral philosophy, so these also implicitly impact how I frame and offer teachings. It is my hope that we make all of these teachings relevant to ourselves and each other by living into them and seeing what most serves our unique individual and shared collective unfolding.”.
An important question and one that I would encourage you to hold with anyone teaching when it comes to spiritual matters. My whole life is dedicated to doing this work of connecting people back to the wisdom of their body and learning to become who they most deeply are. This immersion in the teachings requires me to constantly be dismantled of my concepts of myself, others, and even spirituality in general that are shown to be inaccurate and outdated. It is clear from my previous courses and from the inspiration of my body, that this is the time to offer this type of course. Instead of deciding whether I am qualified to teach this course by me sharing a list of my accomplishments and education, I would invite you to feel your experience of these words on this page and the webinars where I give some sample teachings. My experience is that our body knows what is in our highest good. As you experience my teaching and expression, your body will let you know if this course is something you are aligned to engage.
Absolutely! This is my main goal in teaching this course. Over the course of the 5 months together, you will see that our engagement in spiritual practice is not to become “more spiritual” or “better meditators,” its to be able to more present, loving and skillfully responsive to all that we have to face in our lives. All of the teachings from day one will be framed in the context of how what we are learning is applicable to your actual life.
There is a paradox in this course that I mentioned in the guarantee. In many ways, this course will enable much more groundedness, calm and understanding in you. At the same time, that groundedness, calm and understanding makes it safer for our wounds to come to the surface of your awareness to be healed. So if you are fully engaged in this course, you will feel more confident that you can handle any emotion or life circumstance that gets thrown at you and experience more peace in how your life has unfolded at the same time. At the same time, you will mostly likely develop a deeper sensitivity towards yourself and others that can lead to feeling your emotions more but in a way that leads to healing as opposed to just recycling stories and emotions through your body. The conceptual frame that I will be sharing is also very evocative in itself and by studying this way of viewing the world, you will begin to question many beliefs and ideas of your life and start getting intimate with the direct experience of your life. Life has always been emergent and uncertain, we have just tried to create safe bubbles so we don’t have to face that uncertainty directly. By orienting towards life in this more direct way, it allows us to be confident that we navigate the uncertainty and also be able to feel intense feelings while still being present. There is so much nuance that this answer could contain, so there are just a few starting points.

The teachings will be offered in such a way that will cultivate your “inner authority” or trust in your bodily knowing. In this way, the course will both normalize and help you understand how similar your experience is to other people, helping you feel less isolated. At the same time, I will continually point you back to your own experience and how you can learn to trust your bodily intuition in how you practice and how you make decisions in your life. So the teaching is both universalizing and at the same time deeply empowering of your own somatic intuition about what is best for you in your path and in your life.

I had this question as well when I first engaged online learning communities such as this one. I’ve found through teaching two online courses and seeing clients from around the world over Skype, that its about the intention and presence we bring to the table, not necessarily the structure of our engagement. There are also ways that being on the phone for a meditation or a relational practice requires us to develop different ways of perceiving and using our intuition. By not having the visual of a person’s body language or facial expressions, you must feel more deeply in your own body and strengthen this somatic knowing in yourself. We will also be learning together how to increase the potency of our online container by offering feedback to me and the group of your experience and how we can experiment to make the digital containers we do have, more effective and transformational.
While there is structure in this course, it is intended to be a liberating structure. There will be some basic instruction on meditation practice and other suggestions to how to live in greater karmic integrity, yet you are your own guide about how you go about those processes. I find that people who feel too limited by structure have not been given the space to express their true experience in the face of an authoritative parent or other figure. You are given lots of room in this course to express your experience, to give me feedback directly, and have a voice in how this course evolves over time.
There are several forms of accountability support in this course to develop a strong and regular practice. One is meditation instruction and conceptual understanding that is clear and builds off what has come before each week. In this, you will develop the confidence to “know what to do” while meditating as well as get a conceptual understanding of why we are doing the practices we are, so there is a deeper conceptual rationale that I find also deeply helps in commitment. There will also be the accountability of community via the weekly guided meditations, live calls, and discussion forums. Lets be honest, when we move in the direction of growth, different parts within us puts up all sorts of resistance. So in that way, resistance is not the problem, our lack of willingness to learn from the resistance is what keeps us stuck. By voicing your difficulties in community and getting support, you will be able to work through what is underneath your resistance and have a strong energetic field of people devoted to deepening their practice, which will also magnetize and inspire you to engage more regularly in your practice. Lastly, this course is a journey over many months, which allow new habits and both behavioral and neurological grooves to be engrained and sustained. Make sure you allow yourself to see this journey as a whole and realize that it might be a bit more difficult at first before we start building momentum as a community.
You are not obligated to engage in the course forums, speak on the calls or participate before you are ready. Its important to realize that in order to heal some of what doesn’t allow you to feel safe with others, requires you to lean into the boundaries of your comfort zone, but no one is going to “push you off the diving board.” You can opt-out of relational practice on the live calls, you can use the discussion forums as contemplations rather than writing about them online, etc. until you are ready to do so. My sense is that you will find there is great warmth, safety and love that we will cultivate together, allowing those who are slower to warm up to really get a sense of safety in their body to be able to share more fully when the time is right.

If you have any questions that were not answered above, please email us and we will add it to the FAQ.

OF $97

OF $597 (Save $82!)


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Looking forward to walking with you on this journey if you decide to join us! If you don’t feel like its a fit for you at this time but would like to stay connected to more opportunities to deepen your spiritual practice and life, click here.

With love,