Our ancestors have been engaging in deep relationship with nature, each other and the unseen realms for eons. That ancient healing wisdom and practice is contained within our bodies and is activated when we come together to sing, pray, make offerings, and commune with each other as soul brothers and sisters. By openly coming together to pray and engage in sacred ceremony, we develop bonds with community and begin to allow deeper healing to take place for ourselves, our family, ancestors and all of Reality.

One perspective towards ceremony and healing ritual is that you simply need to know what you are asking for, enter into sacred ceremony and be willing to receive the divinely guided expression of that prayer. These events are born from us as humans needing a place to rest into the sacred together, re-learn how to pray without dogmas, receive our own and each other’s divine beauty and soul medicine and feel safe enough to realize that our healing is connected to our ancestors and ultimately all beings. By letting go of our individual story of wounding and healing, we open an archetypal space that is informed but no longer limited by our individual “blocks” or difficulties. In this place of communion with ourselves, our soul brothers and sisters and the divine, we can begin to perceive how sacred our life is and what a precious time it is to be on this planet as we all, including the earth, are going through such profound transitions.

While I will be the “catalyst” of the ceremonial container, all participants in attendance will co-create the healing and multi-dimensional medicine in the space. We are all invited to step into deep listening and sharing the wisdom from what wants to emerge together. There is no preference for “light & love” or “shadowy darkness,” simply an openness to receive what is happening as sacred, regardless of what it looks or feels like. If you are desiring a community where you can fully express your love and devotion of the sacred and feel safe to allow your divinely human healing process to unwind with acceptance, may you join us on this journey of learning to become simultaneously fully human and fully divine.

This half day ceremony will be held in a beautiful and serene temple home in the Oakland Hills and include…

  • collective energetic container setting through prayer, visualization and invocation
  • “medicine” songs to create a healing current for everyone to benefit from where we will sing together and allow a space for you to receive
  • ritual offerings to foster healing for ourselves, our ancestors, and the world
  • sound healing for sacred vibrational attunement
  • relational and energetic practice to integrate the learnings of the day and deepen into our inherent interconnection
  • periods of silent somatic meditation to experience the full impact of our prayers
  • teachings to support practice, Q&A about practice, and a collective dedication of the fruits of our practice to the whole cosmos
  • whatever other “medicine” our collective intention reveals in the moment

This event is donation based (suggested donation $40-100) with no one turned away for lack of funds.

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