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Sacred Sundays is a place of wisdom, compassion and a community of spiritual practice. Each week, we will cover a fresh topic that will help you practically live a sacred life in this modern world. Join us live on Sunday or watch the recording anytime.

Each week there will be a teaching, a guided meditation and an opportunity receive live coaching. You also have influence as to what topics we cover by suggesting what you want to learn more about in the realm of practical and embodied spirituality.

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Theme this Week: You Are Perfect & You Need Some Work

There are often two schools of thought when it comes to spiritual growth. One is that you are perfect, divine, are already awakened in your essence and so therefore you don’t need heal or work on yourself at all.

The other is that you are filled with trauma, karma, blindspots, and need to diligently work on yourself to become someone or something and “manifest your potential.”

The real trick is to integrate them both. Its pretty clear when you look around you, very few people are totally present, loving, open, etc. To realize that your innate nature is completely free, divine, connected to the entire cosmos and embody that in your moment to moment awareness, there is a process of unwinding. We must unwind the layers of forgetfulness in the form of karma, trauma and blindspots to more fully express and embody that divine nature we already are.

When we approach our growth from this fundamental “OKness,” the path becomes the goal and we can get really curious about how our human forgetfulness and foibles unwind to reveal our direct nature more and more clearly over time. You can relax the proving yourself or even needing to feel peaceful and begin to honor the sacred perfection of both the beauty in your life as well as the difficulty. Register now!

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