With so much movement, distraction and mental busyness, it is a rare occasion to be able to luxuriate for a full day within the simple experience of your body. Many forms of healing can begin to mimic this fast-paced world that we live in and we can forget how much the body knows how to heal and how much our innate radiant nature is waiting for us to be still enough to recognize it.

Somatic meditation is a profound invitation to experience the body as a resource for peace and nourishment and a sacred container for deep psychological and physical healing. It also points to how the body is an access point to discover your ever present connection to all of Reality. With so many distractions disrupting your field of awareness, somatic meditation is a welcome reprieve and one of the most direct ways to build the confidence and inner wiring necessary to remain lovingly open and physically present to the full range of human experience. This somatic presence leads to healing your deepest wounds and liberating your unique potential.

The essence of these somatic meditation retreats is to learn how to fundamentally trust your body’s experience and skillfully work with physical tension, repetitive/reactive thought patterns, and disruptive emotions. Through body-based meditation practices and instruction, you will uncover the guidance every moment and every inner experience offers, and move with greater ease along the path of becoming who you truly are. Becoming fully embodied is a universal human journey we are all invited to take. While advanced in one sense, this approach is equally applicable to both beginning and experienced practitioners.

The main source of these teachings come from the lineage of Dharma Ocean. They entered into American in 1970 via Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and later carried on and deepened through Reggie Ray. To learn more about the lineage, please click here. Several other healing streams including African indigenous spirituality, relational forms of spiritual practice and other somatic/energetic approaches supplement the somatic meditation teachings and practice.

These retreats are held in a beautiful, serene and quiet location in the Oakland Hills and includes…

  • posture instruction to support your body in both alignment and deep ease/relaxation
  • cultivating the ideal energetic conditions for a still mind and open heart
  • guided and silent somatic meditations in a container of silence and introspection
  • community deepening lunch together
  • relational and energetic practice to integrate the learnings of the day and deepen into community
  • teachings to support practice, Q&A about practice, and collective prayer to dedicate the fruits of our practice to those in need at the end

This event is donation based (suggested donation $60-120) with no one turned away for lack of funds.

Upcoming Retreats:

April, 8th 2017 – Oakland, CA
Theme: The Heart of the Divine Mother Heals All Wounds
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Past retreat themes include…

Honoring the Mother in all Forms

Accessing and Living from the Wisdom of the Body

Healing Ceremony, Ritual & Collective Prayer

Abiding in the Heart & Body – Allowing Karma to Unwind and Release

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