Divine Humanity coaching at its essence is a process of learning how to listen to and live from the wisdom of your body. Sound simple? It is. A simple process with infinite nuance and refinement.

Divine Humanity coaching operates under the principle that there is nothing to fix in you, since all that you have experienced and all the interpretations you have about your life are all informed by a sacred intelligence. That being said, you are most likely seeking guidance to make changes within your self and life that you can’t catalyze completely on your own.

My intention is to empower you to listen to your inner guidance and also help you see where you are operating from blindspots that are leading to frustrating self-sabotage and impeding a fuller expression. I will share clear, direct and loving feedback about how I see you are deceiving yourself and avoiding healing that needs to occur for you to become who you know you can be.

Disempowering beliefs about yourself, a lack of trust in your unfolding path, trauma patterns operating in your body and mind, familiar and painful relationship patterns and challenging or transitional life situations, are part of our learning process as humans.

This approach to coaching is an invitation to begin to understand how you can shift your perspective, let go of what doesn’t serve you, and feel safe enough to be your total self. You will learn new tools to enable you to learn from your pain, life obstacles and all the feedback life is giving you to experience more flow, vitality and trust in yourself and your life.

“Enlightenment is not some ideal goal, perfect state of mind, or spiritual realm on high, but a journey that takes place on this earth. It is the process of waking up to all of what we are and making a complete relationship with that.”
-John Welwood

Some Core Elements of Divine Humanity Coaching:

Feeling Seen at a Deep Level and Safe to Be Who You Are

Its not like we need permission to be who we are, and yet parts of us require being seen in our gifts and beauty and accepted in our wounding and shame to unlock our soul gifts. The more we feel seen, the more trusting we can be of others offering feedback and supporting us because they “get us.” I also find that having the intention to heal or help another person, is such a disservice to how their unique path needs to unfold. I constantly relax into listening to how your system needs to unwind trauma, beliefs and past memories moment by moment. By opening to what wants to emerge and letting go of all agendas, the most potent healing moments and insights occur quite naturally. The gentleness, attunement and love I show you, helps to rewire old attachment wounds to help you internalize your inherent beauty and lovability despite being a work in progress.

Healing Blindspots, Reducing Friction to Growth

When we are young, you can think of ourselves as a very naked nervous system. Not exactly a blank slate, but a highly impressionable and sensitive little being. However our caregivers were not attuned, were harsh, hypocritical, judgmental, etc., our young selves (especially from conception up through adolescence), begin to see what is allowed and what is not. As young ones, we need to be connected to our caregivers as a survival mechanism. So instead of thinking that “they” are wrong, we believe what they say and do at face value (usually up until we are more autonomous) and hide away aspects of ourselves that are not given space to be as they are. This develops into unconscious strategies we employ to receive love how its offered and to feel safe from shaming. As an adult, these strategies create friction in our growth and show up as self-sabotage, compulsive behavior, deep confusion, and painful emotions that can feel like quicksand. This coaching container will create an immaculately present, safe, and welcoming environment to allow you to not have to engage those strategies. This allows you to see your blindspots and be received unconditionally. Ironically dropping the strategies, leads to healing of the most confusing patterns and barriers to growth and evolution.

Learn to Live as You Were Designed

Each of us is deeply unique in how we process information, how empathic we are to other people’s emotions, how we receive intuitive guidance and what energies are constantly trying to express themselves in our lives. By learning about your unique wiring through Human Design, you will see how to stop trying to live as those around you or who your parent’s taught you to be, and start “doing you.” This allows for much more efficiency and ease in how you make decisions, connect with other people, and leverage your gifts within the context of your livelihood. By becoming congruent with your inner wiring, so much friction releases, vitality increase and you start flowing down the river as opposed to constantly swimming upstream.

Individualized Practices and Healing Tools

We are inundated in the personal growth/healing/spiritual world with countless choices of practices, tools and ways of approaching our healing process. You don’t need all the tools, you just the need the ones that most align with your needs and current karmic situation. By looking at the intersection of your Human Design, your karmic history, and your current life situation, I cater specific meditations, readings, healing tools and other awareness resources that will make immediate and significant positive change in your life. As you evolve and shift, so do the practices that you need to keep making evolutionary progress on your path. The more you engage the tools and practices, the more you will be able to discern what you need in any moment, long after we stop working together.

Reframe Your View to See Everything as Sacred

There are many experiences we go through that feel unjust, unfair, oppressive and disempowering. We carry the memories of these experiences in our body and it colors and distorts how we see ourselves, people and situations in our current life. Through our work together, you will begin to see your life as a beautifully complex and loving web of experiences that have offered you situations that your soul needed to learn the lessons it came here to learn. Once this truly sinks in, forgiveness of self and others becomes effortless and you feel how trustable your life has been, is, and always will be. Life is 100% on our side, even in the darkest moments.


“There is certainly an external world independent of our experience. But what we see in that world, what we notice, and what it means to us are a direct reflection of our own unresolved karma.”
-Reggie Ray

These elements weave together through various means from psychological assessment, somatic approaches to spiritual practice, teaching you an energetic tool kit to remain grounded and sovereign, and various intuitive and somatic approaches to emotional, bodily and energetic healing

Ultimately, it is the safe, spacious and grounded energetic field we will create together that allows your body to speak more and more clearly. By clearly being seen and accepted in all your beauty and potential as well as your challenges and shame, defenses begins to soften and the layers of self-protection begin to melt off to reveal your deeper self.

Through the course of a Divine Humanity coaching package, you will…

  • have compassion and understanding for your younger parts that leads to deep healing, self-acceptance and trust in how your life has unfolded from the past to present and into the future
  • gain a reference point for your “soul vibration” and learn how to be energetically sovereign from other people and places so you stop merging with others and remain in your authenticity
  • learn how to work directly with your karma moment to moment so you can unwind painful trauma-based thought and behavior patterns rather than be enslaved by them
  • understand how your body guides you towards healing and becoming fully human and trust your ability to navigate the complexities of your karmic situation with greater clarity and confidence

Intrigued? I offer free 45 min initial consultations for you to get a sense of what it would be like to work together and to see if there is an alignment between us. If you would like to schedule this time together, please email me at michael@livingdivinehumanity.com

Somatic Meditation Retreats

Silent retreats where we learn to drop the tension in our nervous system, slow down, and listen to the wisdom of the body. By doing so, the awakened state becomes deeply available to us. Click here to learn more.

Sacred Healing Ceremonies

Sacred ceremonies where we tap into the collective knowing field, tune into what life is asking of us, pray, sing, and make offerings to heal ourselves, our ancestors and all beings. Click here to learn more.