Currently, Divine Humanity has three types of offerings. Please sign up for the free course below to also stay informed of new offerings that will be releasing in 2017.

Sacred Healing Ceremonies

Sacred ceremonies where we tap into the collective knowing field, tune into what life is asking of us, pray, sing, and make offerings to heal ourselves, our ancestors and all beings. Click here to learn more.

Somatic Meditation Retreats

Silent retreats where we learn to drop the tension in our nervous system, slow down, and listen to the wisdom of the body. By doing so, the awakened state becomes deeply available to us. Click here to learn more.

Divine Humanity

A clear mirror to illuminate your blindspots, heal the trauma underneath frustrating and painful patterns, and feel empowered to follow your sacredly intelligent inner guidance. click here to learn more.


Divine Humanity Foundations

Receive a basic overview of the 6 main components of Divine Humanity along with practical tools and inner technologies to support you to implicitly trust your experience and live as if your life is an incredibly precious and sacred opportunity to become fully human.

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