Divine Humanity

Expanded Website Coming Late June 2016

Divine Humanity points towards a recognition that
everything we are and everything that we experience
is informed by a sacred intelligence. Meaning, life
and your body are 100% trustable. When we open
to this view of Reality, we suddenly come into view
of the possibilities of our life but do not yet have the
confidence and capacity that comes from regular practice.

Alongside the larger view of Reality, Divine Humanity
offers education, training and community within each
of the six core areas of practice and education. These
areas form the somatic, emotional, intellectual, and
energetic infrastructure of our being. By engaging
practices in each of these core areas, we allow
ourselves to remember the view of everything’s
sacred intelligence and can show up in the world with
greater openness, confidence, and warmth.

Currently, Divine Humanity is offering donation-based
somatic meditation day long retreats every month
in the SF Bay Area. The next event is on
Sunday, June 5th in the Oakland Hills.
To register and for more information, click here.

Please contact Michael at michael@livingdivinehumanity.com
if you have any questions or if you
would like to inquire about individual coaching.

Michael Brabant, Ph.D.

I have been trained in both academic and clinical settings as well as studied with shamans, mystics and intuitive healers. By synthesizing the most potent inner technologies and nuanced conceptual understanding related to true transformation, I offer a body of teaching and practice called Divine Humanity. This helps to build the energetic, relational and emotional infrastructure to live our lives from a place where we can recognize that every moment and everything contained within it, is infused with a deep and sacred intelligence. To inquire about individual coaching or other topics, please email me at michael@livingdivinehumanity.com