Divine Humanity points to the sacred Reality that is already present underneath our misperceptions, misinterpretations and misunderstandings of how things look and feel on the surface. By introducing this sacred outlook on Life, a possibility to begin to experience and live in recognition of the benevolence of the Universe constantly inviting us into more learning and letting go, becomes possible.

Divine Humanity balances the nuanced conceptual understanding of this view of Reality alongside practical tools, spiritual technologies, and transformative learning experiences to help you realize how your life is inviting you to embrace your authentic experience in every moment and how to respond to that call.

Soul embodiment non-dual realization is a continual refinement process of our perception of what is happening to us and ability to respond with intuitive intelligence to the moment. To live your divinely human life is to learn how to see through your conditioned mind, understand your deeper interconnection to all beings past, present and future and graciously taking 100% responsibility for your life.

Below are the six core domains of study and practice within the Divine Humanity approach. These six areas provide the understanding, practices and spiritual technologies to help you see and live from this sacred Reality in an authentic and embodied way.

Energetic Sovereignty

Many people are very energetically and emotionally sensitive. There is an automatic empathic response where you unintentionally “soak up” other people’s emotional-energetic experience. It is essential to practice energetic hygiene and grounding to allow yourself to off load other people’s energy and be able to locate your authentic path through all the distraction and static. This area of DH balances the nuance of being intimately interconnected with everything and yet appropriately sovereign to be able to live your purpose with greater clarity and ease.

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Somatic Meditation

Somatic meditation is a profound invitation to experience the body as a sacred container for deep psychological and physical healing as well becoming more awake. Most meditation techniques are ways of using attention in a very mental way to create some peace and reduce stress. Somatic meditation rewires your left “thinking” brain to be able to perceive and live more holistically within the body and experience insight beyond what you already know about yourself and the world. The experience of the awakened state is available to everyone, Somatic Meditation prepares the ground and shows the way to this timeless realization.

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Karmic Metabolization

This area of DH focuses on the process of transformation and emotional/trauma healing as a whole. It lays out very powerful rituals, physical, energetic and emotional support for integrating intense experiences and allowing the healing that needs to come through you, to do so with as much ease, gentleness and positive benefit as possible. By normalizing how weird and intense the healing and awakening process can be, it becomes much easier to trust the intelligence of how your unique process is unfolding.

Clear Relationships

Clear Relationships views intimate relationship as a vehicle to experience true intimacy, heal our blindspots and awaken to our wholeness. It also revisions what partnership’s function is and how to engage in intimate relationship that allows both parties to grow and heal tremendously, as opposed to making unconscious pacts to go along with painful patterns that hurt everyone. It also addresses how to receive the wisdom of other people rubbing you the wrong way and helps you cultivate a deeper attunement, intuition and skill in engaging with other people in general.

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Intuitive Knowing

Intuitive Knowing focuses on how to access inner wisdom and cultivate trust in your ability to receive intuitive guidance for your life path. It teaches how to expand your capacity to tap into a fuller range of human perception and intuitive gifts beyond the five senses. These capacities of expanded human perception can be trained and result in neurological structures that sustain one’s capacity to tap into these forms of knowing over time.

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Evolutionary Prayer

Evolutionary Prayer opens you to a relationship with ritual, prayer, ceremony and communion with your ancestors that is free of dogma. It helps you to perceive the Sacred in everything and in so doing, helps heal any religious wounding from your past to truly fall in love with Life and the Divine. It empowers you to have an active relationship with your unfolding path in a way that honors the innate intelligence of life and invites you into ways to come into deeper alignment via ancient and modern spiritual technologies.

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