Michael Brabant, PHD

Beloved friends, for some reason I have been gifted with a ridiculous devotion to illuminating and healing all misperceptions, trauma, erroneous beliefs and karmic inheritances that I possibly can in this lifetime. With each wound that emerges and is filled with the warmth of Awareness, my capacity to radiate compassion and acceptance grows. Part of this ridiculous devotion has involved traversing through the dark nights of the soul, engaging in countless healing modalities and discovering the universality of our human path while honoring everyone’s unique journey.

Many teachers speak about “spiritual” truths and possibilities about becoming fully human. While this is important, I’m interested in walking the path before me, reflecting on how healing has unfolded and then articulating the nuances of this journey to offer you the opportunity to receive the wisdom I received through suffering, with as little suffering as possible. I feel like I am here to follow the divine breadcrumbs of masters of different domains, synthesize those experiences, tools and perceptions, and offer others those breadcrumbs to feel empowered to walk their own path with confidence, humility, guidance and trust.

My teachers are many and some of the most potent have been emotional and energetic sensitivity, depression, intergenerational limited beliefs and behaviors, and again this ridiculous devotion to see, heal and love blindspots and trauma pockets like they are going out of style. I’ve learned a lot along the way, mostly how precious, incredible and how hard it is to be human. I’ve also learned how important it is to have an understanding of Reality that cultivates resiliency,
awakening, and trust
, and a humble and confident guide to point you back to your own inner guidance.

My first 5 years in graduate school were spent in a clinical psychology doctoral program where I eventually transferred to a non-clinical degree to complete my PhD in Psychology and Interdisciplinary Inquiry. The clinical program was devoid of orientation towards the body and the Spirit and was simply too reductionistic and limited in its approach to how healing truly occurs. While also studying within an Integral Theory MA program simultaneously to my first doctorate, my eyes were opened to the partial truths of clinical psychology and many different aspects of healing and the human experience that are quite complex. These partialities must be addressed and integrated in order to support people to experience true fulfillment and the conscious experience of wholeness.

My dissertation involved designing and facilitating an undergraduate leadership curriculum taught through an integrative, transformative learning, and learning community lens, aimed at supporting a qualitative expansion of student’s worldview. While I’ve reached the apex of the educational system in some ways, I am an eternal student and anthropologist of Reality. I am constantly humbled by how limited my conceptual understanding of Life is and am continuously more devoted to residing in my body and experiencing the moment more and more somatically and directly.

I’ve studied with clinicians, yoga teachers, meditation masters, healers, intuitives, shamans, plant medicines, engaged and facilitated countless healing ceremonies, workshops and trainings. I’m humbled as to how wise my body is and how my cognitive brilliance was keeping me from truly embodying and touching the most vulnerable aspects of my being. I’m a yogi, meditator, urban shaman, spiritual guide, husband, brother, musician, poet, man, son, warrior of the Goddess and a humble emissary of Life.

I am on this journey with you, I am whole and a work in progress, I am constantly receiving feedback from Life, you are my brother/sister, and I am here to share what wants to be shared through me, realizing that we are all learning together how we can truly experience no difference between our divinity and our humanity and no solid sense of individuality while being utterly unique.

To inquire about working with me one on one, check out the individual coaching page. To get a sense of some of the breadcrumbs that can support you in becoming more fully human and to get updates on future offerings, please click below.

I love you. Thank you. May your life be filled with grace, guidance and goodness.

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