Divine Humanity points towards a recognition that everything we are and everything that we experience is informed by a sacred intelligence. Meaning, life and your body are 100% trustable. When we open to this view of Reality, we suddenly come into view of the possibilities of our life but do not yet have the confidence and capacity that comes from regular practice.

Alongside the larger view of Reality, Divine Humanity offers education, training and community within each of the six core areas of practice and education. These areas form the somatic, emotional, intellectual, and energetic infrastructure of our being. By engaging practices in each of these core areas, we allow ourselves to remember the view of everything’s sacred intelligence and can show up in the world with greater openness, confidence, and warmth.

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Energetic Sovereignty – grounding, energetic hygiene, feeling sensitive and safe

Somatic Meditation – the foundational practice of healing and becoming an adult

Intuitive Knowing – tapping into and training our latent extra-sensory perceptions

Karmic Metabolization – integrating deep healing and emotional releases with ease

Clear Relationships – co-creating a crucible of intimacy, sovereignty, and healing

Evolutionary Prayer – invoke a deeper and more direct relationship with Life itself