The Posture of Pure Awareness + the Essence of Healing

The Posture of Pure Awareness or PoPA as I will refer to it, is the foundational posture of meditation and being able to remain connected to the somatic experience of our basic goodness. Beneath all of our tension there is a goodness, a freedom, and a warmth that emanates when we allow ourself to relax how much we identify with the contents of our mind. PoPA is a series of instructions to align the body and specially focus our attention, sitting in this posture, over time, re-wires living from our thinking mind to living from our somatic experience. You can experience these instructions in a guided format by watching the video on the somatic meditation resources page.

The “pure” in PoPA refers to the pure perception of reality through the somatic experience. Mental interpretations of reality are embellishments and projections on top of our direct experience. Remaining focused on our somatic experience of each moment of our life, allows us to touch and be touched by our direct experience and align more fully with how Life wants to move through us. By having opinions about our experience, we unconsciously direct our experience in ways that allow us to feel more comfortable, which simply creates more tension that we must unwind in the future.

The “awareness” in PoPA refers to the fact that when we remain somatically present in our body, concentrating on the experience of the body as a whole, insights about our life and our challenges arise spontaneously as a communication from our somatic experience to our conscious mind. Awareness is what happens after we are practicing mindfulness of the totality of the somatic experience and we suddenly receive perspective on our life we didn’t have before and that we did not fabricate with our thinking mind.

This posture will be the posture we will be engaging our daily practice within. Meditation masters  of the lineages that brought us this posture has said that the fruition of the practice is the posture. Meaning, as we remain in the posture and refine it over time, we are resting in the ideal conditions for us to recognize our true nature shining brilliantly behind the clouds of our thoughts and beliefs.

Embrace-NatureAfter sitting with so many healers, going to so many retreats, and participating in so many healing ceremonies, I have come to understand that the essence of healing is getting “historical” experience evoked and then remaining somatically present to that material as it arises within your awareness and body.

We are constantly looking away from what we need to face and usually don’t have confidence in ourselves that we can remain present to our experience when things get difficult. However, the practice of PoPA and other somatic meditation practices are meant to reframe the process of looking away as an expression of delaying and perpetuating our healing and to give you confidence that you can remain somatically present even when you are experiencing intense emotions.

I invite you to live into this simple expression, “somatically witnessing past experiences that you were only partially present for, is the foundational mechanism of your healing.” By practicing the PoPA and other practices, you are setting up ideal conditions that allow the least amount of friction from your ego to occur while your trauma and past experience are coming up to the surface of your conscious awareness to be somatically experienced/witnessed.

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