Grounding as the Foundation of Energetic Sovereignty

Around each of us is what can be called a grounding field. It it what grounds our body’s energetic field to that of the earth field and is around all sentient beings. As beings who are walking on this planet, we are all connected to the earth via gravity and our proximity to the land. The question is not whether we are connected, it is to what degree are we connected and how long we can sustain that strong connection, especially in the face of difficulties emotionally, relationally or within the “grind” of life. With practice and conscious awareness, we can become more grounded, more of the time.

To be able to re-ground and remain grounded, we need to understand what the symptoms of being ground and being ungrounded are.

The Experience of Being Ungrounded

Lets look at some more symptoms of how it feels to have a weak grounding field…

-anxious or uneasy

-unable to concentrate

-focused on the past or the future

-feeling overwhelmed or confused

-bumping into things when you walk, e.g.
stubbing toes, hitting head, etc.

-struggling to reach goals

-feeling dizzy or lightheaded

-nervousness, lack of confidence

-low levels of joy

-disconnected from your body’s wisdom

-low self-awareness and low awareness about your impact on others

-feeling “out of your body”

How many of these things do you experience on a regular basis? How many of these things that you experience, do you just accept as “the way things are” or “the way you are”? Of course some things are deeper than just needing to be more grounded and I would encourage you to focus on grounding first and see which of these symptoms fall away, which dissipate, and which still occur and need support in other areas to be more fully remedied.

The Experience of Being Grounded

Now lets look at some more symptoms of how it feels to have a strong grounding field…

-confident and calm

-easily able to focus

-focused on the present moment

-able to handle difficult emotions and situations

-aware of your body and surroundings

-physically coordinated

-aware of your body’s wisdom, e.g. know when you
are full, know when you need to rest, etc.

-more able to reach your goals

-feeling “safe” in your body

-increased self-acceptance

-deeper connection to your soul

-sensing the nurturing energy of mother earth

-capable of manifesting ideas

Sounds nice to be grounded, right?! Please don’t take my word for it, practice the grounding meditation below and over time with you practice, you will come to see what occurs as you become more grounded. For now, think of this as an experiment, even if you feel like you are mostly grounded. Allow yourself the luxury of being a beginner and assessing your sense of grounding through your own experience of learning the concepts and practicing the meditation on this page.

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