Re-Awakening Your Intuitive Capacity

 I will be using the terms meditation sanctuary (MS) and inner sanctum to mean the same thing throughout this course. The MS is a location in the center of the head between the ears at the level of the eyes, as we have discussed in the last activity. While it is a location, it is also so much more. I like to think of it as a somatic and energetic reference point for entering into a state of calm and relaxed receptivity to all that is happening around you.

 I recorded the above video to give you a visual reference of where it rests and how to place your attention within this place in your body. Along with a reference point for a calm, relaxed and meditative awareness, the MS also can be considered the place where the stream of intuitive information from your higher self most easily passes through to your conscious mind.

Re-Awakening Your Inner Seeing

Third-Eye-Pineal-GlandAs I mentioned in the last activity, our pineal gland is calcified or another way to think about this is that it is gunked up, which leads to limited functioning. Physiologically, the pineal gland’s function is to produce melatonin, which helps to maintain our sleep cycle and the pineal gland also regulates our reproductive hormones. All main energetic centers or chakras in the body are connected to an endocrine gland. The seventh chakra, associated with spiritual knowledge and the 6th or “third eye” chakra, associated with psychic or intuitive seeing, are associated with the pineal gland.

Meditation Sanctuary + Guided Practice

We can think of our different brain structures or locations as a filter or inflection point for our consciousness. If one is filtering their consciousness through their frontal lobes such as the pre-frontal cortex, they will be more focused on complex cognitive behavior, decision making and moderating social behavior. In many ways, a linear manner of perceiving the world. When we are “stuck in our heads” or “overthinking” we are filtering our consciousness, unconsciously, through this “analyzer” area of our brain.

If we intend our consciousness to flow through the space between the ears at the level of the eyes (see guided practice below and video on the intuitive knowing resources page), we will no longer be limited to the more linear processing and over-thinking of the frontal lobes and our “analyzer” self and begin to have more access to our intuitive wisdom and a sense of calm. Consciously directing consciousness, i.e. energy, through this part of the brain begins to de-calcify the glands of higher perception, namely the pineal gland, and provide us greater access to our intuitive wisdom

Asking Questions Within

life-force-energyThe other way to this is to practice entering (and staying) in your meditation sanctuary throughout the day. The guided practice below will introduce you from a meditative perspective and the video on the intuitive knowing resources page will give you some tips about how to locate it and remain in that place throughout your day. Aside from moment to moment noticing about where you are resting your attention, learning this meditation is a very powerful way to re-awaken our natural born psychic or intuitive capacities.

As you become familiar with this location, rest your attention within this place in your body and begin to ask questions you seek answers for. At first, nothing could happen. As you keep practicing, staying patient, and not trying to “think” your way to an answer (using your frontal lobes), you will begin to receive images (clairvoyance), knowings (claircognizance), or feelings (clairsentience) that act as bread crumbs from your higher self to begin to decipher this intuitive information into practical and useful knowledge for your life. Its important to rest very far back in your meditation sanctuary and literally STOP TRYING to see anything or have any kind of experience. Intuition is ethereal, the we grab for it, the less available intuitive information becomes. Stay patient, practice the meditation below regularly and trust the first thing that pops into your awareness when you ask questions within.

Fostering Clearer Intuition

Our pineal gland has been gunked over through many things, namely underuse and fluoride in our general water supply (which is NOT safe, nor is it shown to have tangible health benefits – read more here). Its important that we do what we can to avoid drinking fluoridated water (here is a way to cheaply filter most of the fluoride – there are more expensive water filters that I would definitely encourage you purchasing if you can afford it) as well as start engaging this part of our system that has been underused.

One simple way to re-awaken my pineal gland that I love to do is to lay down and place a crystal on my forehead. You can even do your grounding meditation practices in this laying down position. I simply imagine the MS grounding from its location, down my spine to my root and then straight down to the earth.You can use third eye specific crystals such as:

-lapis lazuli

-labradorite (pictured)


-blue calcite

-black obsidian



These are just a few. Google “third eye crystals” and you will get a boat load. Laying on the ground with a crystal on your forehead to de-calcify your pineal gland is pretty frickin’ new age if you think about it, and I would not suggest it if it did not have utility or if I have not had an experience of it re-awakening sensations in my third eye as well as boosting my intuitive capacity. Everything that I suggest in this course, I have done myself and have found benefit.

We ARE psychic/intuitive beings and we CAN cultivate this capacity more and more in our lives. We are awakening into the wisdom and sensitivity at our core and these practices give you tangible steps to take to begin to lift more and more veils that we have unwittingly been under from the moment we came into this world. This is also super handy when we are wanting to cultivate our discernment, learning to listen to what is in our highest good when we are faced with decisions throughout our days.

 ***The foundation of this content was derived from Francesca McCartney’s Intuition Medicine program. You can learn more about her system by reading her book “Body of Health” as well as her training programs in person and online. I’ve supplemented and expanded her original content to weave in the essence of Divine Humanity’s approach to Life.

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